Shark® Cordless vacuums

Designed for the best cleaning experience

Shark® Cordless vacuums

Meet the powerful, versatile solution for quick cleaning. WANDVAC® systems live and charge in your home, ready to take away. Vacuums, extension wands, hand vacuums – just choose your setup and deal with any mess.

Shark Stratos™ Cordless with Clean Sense IQ

Shark® Stratos cordless vacuums are the latest ultra-powerful, ultra-smart, whole-house cordless cleaning solution. Clean Sense IQ senses the dirt you can’t see and automatically boosts power to increase dirt pickup performance by 50%. Stratos is packed with power and delivers the most suction power of any Shark Cordless. At the nozzle, you get the DuoClean® PowerFins™ HairPro™ system: two brush rolls that absorb any type of debris from carpets and floors to catch and capture more dirt, debris and hair for the best hair pickup of any vacuum. In addition, Shark’s new odor neutralizer technology prevents odors.

Shark® Vertex® Pro Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with DuoClean® PowerFins

The Shark® Vertex™ Pro combines the power and performance of a full-size vacuum* with the ease of use of a lightweight cordless wand. Its advanced design features unmatched intelligence, versatility, deep cleaning DuoClean® PowerFins™ and self-cleaning brush rolls for powerful pet hair pickup without the tangles.

Shark® Vertex® DuoClean® PowerFins Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Shark® Vertex™ Cordless Vacuum is the ultimate cordless vacuum from Shark, combining incredible suction power and innovation in a lightweight, cordless vacuum.

Quickly cleaned and ready to go, making cleaning a breeze.

Shark ION™ F80 Cord-Free MultiFLEX® Cordless Stick Vacuum

Shark ION™ F80 Cord-Free MultiFLEX® Cordless Stick Vacuum

Its lightweight design and removable hand vacuum allows for floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

Shark® Cordless Pet Plus with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Shark® Cordless Pet Plus with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal


Getting Started with your Shark® Cordless Stratos™ with Clean Sense IQ
Shark VERTEX Cordless PRO Vacuum w/ DuoClean - Quick Pickup Test - IMPRESSIVE Review Next
Shark Vertex Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum with DuoClean PowerFins.
Shark ION F80 Cord Free MultiFLEX Stick Vacuum This cordless vacuum offers up to 80 minutes of run
Shark Cordless Pet Plus Vacuum with Anti-Allergen


The Shark Pet Plus cordless vacuum cleaner works very well. It charges well and has great suction power. I like that it is cordless because I can use it in multiple rooms without having to deal with cords. It cleans my floors very well and removes hair easily around the brush.

Hee G.

I really like this cordless vacuum cleaner. It cleans up clutter easily, is easy to empty and easy to switch between attachments. I also like that I can use it without the need for a quick spot pickup. It is easy to recharge and each charge seems to last a while. I like that it is easy to store and there are no cords to get in the way. I highly recommend this cordless vacuum cleaner.


Krystal R. Massey

I have to admit I was impressed with this cordless vacuum cleaner. I didn't think it would have a lot of power, but I was wrong. It works very well. I have used it on carpets, hardwood floors and cars. It picks up dog and cat hair from carpets and furniture. It charges easily and lasts long enough for me to finish the whole house.

Vickie S.

Easier to use. Light enough to climb the stairs every time, slim enough to get under the bed, and able to walk the entire house on a single charge.

Martha S.

I love that this Shark Cordless Stratos with Clear Sense IQ. I love the powerful suction that picks up all the dirt you can't even see. I like that it's cordless. There is no cord to drag and get caught up in. I vacuumed my floor twice on one charge. Love that this Shark is cordless Stratos.

Maria J. Heidrick